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2011 Games

  • Catch & DunkCatch & DunkMad Ball Skills Have you played on a trampoline? It's all about timing. Make some mad hoop moves, if you can.

  • Building InvestmentBuilding InvestmentBuild as many building as can within 30 secs. To bulding a building, you move your cursor on top of the map.

  • Epic AttackEpic AttackDon't be distracted by his skirt—this warrior's glowing axe packs a manly punch!
  • Birds FlyingBirds Flying Feed as many baby birds as you can by flying over them and drop a worm but keep an eye out for those nasty clouds.
  • Super Smash Brothers Flash 2Super Smash Brothers Flash 2Mario, Kirby, Link, Sonic, Naruto, Megaman, Ichigo and Lloyd! - Super Smash Bros. Brawl on PC in flash! Great Demo by McLeod Gaming. Stay tuned for his new updates!

  • ToribashToribashHow many moves will it take to beat the other robot to a pulp?
  • SimpletonSimpleton An updated version of the "Zombie Slayer" game. With a new name, music and more.
  • Save MiceSave MiceSave as many mice as needed to get to the next level.

  • Dress LDress LDress L with his inner self.

  • Crash ClassicCrash ClassicThe aim is to guide your finely tuned sports car around three racing environments. To progress to the next level you need to win your race.

  • Sex and The City Dress UpSex and The City Dress UpThe popular Carrie is going to get married. Help her pcikt he best wedding dress.

  • ClimberClimber The objective of the game is to keep climbing until you reach the top. Dodge debris and make sure to get to the checkpoints alive.
  • War SquadWar SquadShoot the enemy ships as you control yours with your mouse. Watch out for enemies from behind.

  • Catch Your DollCatch Your DollDozens and dozens of wide-eyed dolls are up for grabs if you have the skill and the will!
  • Spongebob Squarepants - TomatoSpongebob Squarepants - TomatoDodge all tomatoes for as long as you can.

  • Office BoredomOffice BoredomHelp Kill Office Boredom.

  • Romantic DinnerRomantic DinnerSet a table, a romantic dinner table for two lovebirds, deciding upon the yummy drinks and foodies and the lovely chic table decorative items there!
  • Flying CopperFlying Copper you have to fly and shoot through retro levels.
  • Space Station JasonSpace Station JasonHelp Jason collect all his lost cargo in each of the 15 levels in the game. Each time you complete a level you will be rewarded with an employee badge. Later in the game you will encounter space mines and lasers to avoid, and robots to destroy. Be sure to at least play up to level 5 which was greatly inspired by the boulder levels in Crash Bandicoot.
    There's a lot of secrets in the game.

  • Peppy s Josh Stone Dress UpPeppy s Josh Stone Dress Up Help this European diva get it down in the red carpet.
  • Laarni DressupLaarni DressupA fun adventure for this cute lady. Choose a nice dress for her.

  • Lovely FashionLovely FashionLiving in the world of fashion is not easy if you do not know how to be fashionable. Help this girl dress up and enjoy!

  • Punk FashionPunk Fashion Emily loves the emo scene. She dresses up in trendy punk clothing when she goes out dancing with her friends. Tonight, she is going to a club to let loose and wants to look very hip. Dress her up in punk clothing for her night out!
  • Speed WarriorSpeed Warrior Be the first to finish.
  • Miss Sixty Dress upMiss Sixty Dress upHave you ever heard about Miss Sixty 09 Fashion? This collection is designed for young girls who are active, creative and fashionable. Dress up yourself and enjoy!

  • Monster High - Cool Ghoul Frankie SteinMonster High - Cool Ghoul Frankie SteinFrankie Stein is the coolest ghoul of Monster High! She is planning a freakie party this Friday night. Check out all these sacry cute clothes and accessories exclusively designed for her! What she should wear to the party? It's your call! Have fun!
  • Japan Food MemoryJapan Food Memory Remember the position of the food then arrange it.
  • Hot Rims 3D RacingHot Rims 3D RacingFast and furious 3D racing action. Play a tournament or Time Attack for a quick game.
  • Tricky JugglerTricky JugglerMake a bet, observe the juggling pattern carefully and click on the correct option.

  • Quick SwitchQuick SwitchQuickly move your mouse over the platforms you want to be solid. Stay off ones you want to go threw.

  • Alphabet JungleAlphabet JungleUse the 6 letters given to form dictionary words before time runs out.

  • Running FredRunning Fred

    Fred is back with a new host of painful antics, awesome acrobatic/desperate moves, special items and locations.

  • Dinosaurs Violet Parking 2Dinosaurs Violet Parking 2Park your prehistoric car in many different levels as accurate as you can. But don't crash your car and don't kill people walking around.

  • Pizza TruckPizza TruckHauling loads of cheese, oversized tomatoes, and Cola can be a tough job! Delivery all the Ingredients to Papas Pizzeria!
  • Climate ChaosClimate ChaosThe Super Flash Bros present a brand new 3D adventure from the world of Another Day. Featuring original music by Dustball and voice acting by Egoraptor!

  • Colorful JuicesColorful JuicesTry to serve the right colored juice as requested by the customer.

  • Color Balls ExtremeColor Balls ExtremeClick on colored balls that have at least 3 of the same color next to each other. Get high combos and bonus multipliers for bigger score.
  • Dolphin Olypics 2Dolphin Olypics 2 Help our hero do some wicked water stunts.
  • Dove AttackDove AttackUse your slings and attack the doves to defend the cars of their attacks. You will have three keepers who shoot in fixed directions, to shoot only touch on the character you want to shoot. When your character gets hit, he stay two minutes grooming and can not shoot this time.
  • Right Dress - HospitalRight Dress - HospitalLet's help her to choose what she wearing for today?

  • Match FruitsMatch FruitsMatch three fruits to remove them.
  • SurroubbleSurroubbleCircular bubble shooter! Shoot bubbles, collect powerups and avoid getting bubbles too close to your turret.
  • Funny QuestFunny QuestYour goal is to put all the keys into the lock but you can only push the key.

  • Headshire WavesHeadshire WavesReturn to Headshire and continue building the bustling city in this fun Arcade game! Click near resources to create an explosive wave. Knock floating items into their corresponding bubbles to collect them. Grab coins and gems to spend on Headshire`s beautification! The village needs you now more than ever!Click near resources to create an explosive wave. Knock floating items into their corresponding bubbles to collect them.