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  • Sea Make-overSea Make-overWanna create your own underwater haven? Well here's a game that let's you design your own sea with different corals and fishes as well as a mermaid. Enjoy decorating!

  • Kitty JumpKitty JumpHelp this cute little kitty girl to cross the river. Jump from stone to stone without falling into the water.

  • Word Search Gameplay - 19Word Search Gameplay - 19Search all fruits scrambled on the screen.

  • Cartoon MahjongCartoon Mahjong Popular addictive free game for kids and everybody by Game-Mahjong.comFind identical tiles and click at them to delete. But pay attention that the tiles should be unlocked, i.e. no tile above-below or to the left-right. Tiles with figures and pets with text match even if they are not identical. Cartoon Mahjong is extremely bright, colorful and relaxing.
  • PupzzlePupzzleHelp Pupzzle the puzzle pup complete all his little tasks in this fun and cute little point and click puzzle game!Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen to progress through the game. Collect bones for extra score!
  • Star AppocalypseStar AppocalypsePlace buildings and towers as you build troops to defeat the enemy base across the screen.

  • Doyu GolfDoyu GolfPlay this great golf game for one or two players. Try to get the ball into the hole with the less possible hits.

  • Super Chick SistersSuper Chick SistersSimilar to Mario except with little chicklettes. Save the chicklettes from a KFC death!

  • Make Up Miley CyrusMake Up Miley Cyrus The best thing about Miley Cyrus is that besides being famous, she seems like a simple sort of girl who anyone could chat with. Hanging out with her must be a blast!
  • Soccer KissingSoccer KissingIn Soccer World cup 2010 grand finale, the best player of your country got a chance to kick a penalty goal. The player needs energetic kisses from his lover to power up himself to give an unstoppable kick. Power up him and win the Soccer 2010 World cup!!! n first level, you will have to fill up at least 50 % of power up loader to start scoring goals out of 6 chances. In second level, you will have to fill up at least 75 % of power up loader to start scoring goals out of 9 chances. In third level, you will have to fill up at least 90 % of power up loader to start scoring goals out of 12 chances.

  • Bloons Tower Defense 3Bloons Tower Defense 3Stop the bloons escaping by building towers next to the maze.

  • MarchMarchAn amazing version of the classic Zuma. Prevent the manifestation from reaching the circus. Join 3 of the same color and you will win.

  • Forks and ArrowsForks and ArrowsAn impending assault is about to happen and the only defensive stance you got is a badly constructed wall. Give these invaders everything you got. Give em'hell or just bring them back to hell.ssssss
  • Pocket Fighters 2Pocket Fighters 2Fight against other pixelated / artsy fighters as you try to win against your little opponent.

  • Super SluggerSuper SluggerSlug that ball out of the park—and take out some birds while you\\’re at it!
  • The PrivacyThe PrivacyTry to escape the room

  • Decorate a FriendDecorate a FriendNo one is safe! Turn your friends into wild, wacky, wonderful pieces of art!
  • Dream Dancer Dress UpDream Dancer Dress UpYour doll is getting ready for her audition! she wants to take part in the stage musical Arabian Nights! Can you make her look the part?

  • Starship ElevenStarship ElevenStarship Eleven is lost in space - and the way home is full of dangers. Your mission is to navigate your ship to the exit of each level. You may also collect power-ups. Good luck!

  • Planet PlatformerPlanet PlatformerGather the stars in this space-age adventure. Gather all of the stars on a planet to unlock the next level.

  • Pastry RacerPastry Racer Ready to hit the road? Pick a car and pilot your Pop-Tarts(r) toaster pastry to victory! Avoid hazards and grab food for speed!
  • Havoc MountainHavoc MountainYou have become a giant ball of snow rolling down the hill, gaining in size and picking up tremendous speed. Collect as many skiers as you can for an added bonus. Avoid obstacles until you are large enough to take them out.

  • Go Diego Go - Snowboard RescueGo Diego Go - Snowboard RescueDiego needs help snowboarding down the mountain so he can save animals.

  • The Adventures of Dangerous Dave and Brutal BobThe Adventures of Dangerous Dave and Brutal Bob

  • Hummer Football 2Hummer Football 2 A brand new Hummer soccer game!

    This time the computer opponents are a lot more intelligent. The pitch is viewed from a different perspective and it 3 vs. 3 cars now.
  • Love Hina Sim Date RPGLove Hina Sim Date RPGLove Hina Sim Date is the latest and one of the best sims game. Choose your character and go to the Hina Inn where you get to meet a lot of girls. Your basic goal is to get a Hina girl and gain as much money and experience as possible. Good luck!

  • Sexy BilliardSexy Billiard Play against the computer as a sexy pool player and get in more balls than the CPU.
  • Ganguru GirlGanguru GirlGo to lime life. Get a Job and find the girl you love.

  • Defense HillDefense HillDefend the last hill against the upcoming invasion of hydrous aliens. Enjoy shooting and exploding them!

  • Be My Sweet ValentineBe My Sweet ValentineValentines Day is here, dress up and look pretty for the boy who is going to ask you to be his valentine this year!
  • Weapon's CheckWeapon's CheckIn the field, being able to strip down and reassemble your equipment is top priority, Help the guys reassemble an M16 in the allocated time by dragging and dropping pieces of the M16 into place. Gain higher rankings for faster times.

  • Tilt-MazeTilt-MazeGuide the blue square through the maze to the red circle!
  • Bugs Bunny DressupBugs Bunny DressupDressup the bunny just the way you like it.

  • ValentinesValentinesThe Valentine's Day is near and the spring is at your door. And while the weather is still cold you can play this game and think about the spring and all the cool things that will happen to you.Similar to all others blocks breaking games. Select groups of two or more hearts to remove them. Clear all hearts to proceed. Use the new game button if you are stuck.
  • Dating Make Over 5Dating Make Over 5Help her choose the best style and make her sweetheart fall in love with her at first side!
  • Breakout 5Breakout 5Steer your paddle and try to break all of the bricks!
  • AquacubesAquacubesPull the rows into place to form a group of 4 or more items of the same kind and fill the fuel gage before the time runs out.
  • Tetris ReturnsTetris ReturnsHe again is hooked for this clasicazo. In 1980 it has begun fever Tetris owing to founder Aleksei Pahitnov who has inspired in a popular puzzle named Pentamino

  • Ranch ConnectRanch ConnectHave some fun playing this cool board game similar to the mahjong games in with you have to clear all the cards from the board by connecting two cards of the same image. Can you do it as quickly as possible and all of them? Play the Ranch connect game and find out!
  • Apple OrchardApple OrchardEnjoy nature's finest: apples in a basket!
  • Meet DaveMeet DaveDave is malfunctioning and you need to keep him running smoothly. Use the 3 tools to fix specific problems across 4 sections of Dave, head, chest, stomach and legs.

  • Emma's Recipes: Rainbow...Emma's Recipes: Rainbow...Emma's really done it this time!
  • Mario FlyMario FlyCute Super Mario Bros fly and shoot game.

  • Deal or No Deal GameDeal or No Deal Game The second outing of the flash version of the famous reality game Deal or No Deal!